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Running 100 Marathons In 100 Days Straight Is Completely Idiotic

I felt a very powerful need for argument and defense. For me it is a statement that challenged my deepest ability for self control. ”How can anyone not see the good we will achieve by doing this?” I thought.

The above statement happens to be a reasonable position to take and one that needed to be put to me. It also happens to be 100 percent accurate. What we are attempting is completely idiotic. Who in their right mind would attempt such a ridiculous task? The fact of the matter is that we are not in our “right mind”! That is to say, from the perspective of a particular mode of thinking, we are absolutely not in our right mind.

Who or what has formed the universe?

Is it the thing that has formed of itself or is it you that has formed it? Is it your consciousness that formed the world or is it the atoms that possess the intelligence by which they form stuff?

God Forum :: Whats your views on the existence of God?

What is #God ? What is #religion ? Have they any influence on you? What effect do they have on the world? Are they relevant?

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Mind Reality :: Our Reality Is A Cross Section of A Higher Dimension

The objects of our world are in reality cross-sections of higher solids traversing our space.

Think of a three dimensional object such as a sphere passing through a two dimensional object such as a very thin piece of paper (the paper is thee dimensional but imagine it to be with an infinitesimal thickness so that it like two dimensional). When the sphere passes through the paper, the perception from imaginary inhabitants within the paper will see the sphere as a circle that expands in their space, and then the circle contracts until it disappears out of their space.

Think of our three dimensional world and the objects within it as having an “infinitesimal thickness” in the fourth dimension of reality. That is why our universe is said to be a hologram and everything in it is a hologram. Matter is an illusion but simply a projection from a higher dimension of reality which is mental in nature. We may also realize that our physical bodies are projections of our higher bodies. Our physical forms in third dimension are cross sections of our fourth dimensional selves.

“I Can’t” :: The Bastardisation Of All Growth Possibility In The Conscious Universe

If there is one phrase in the English language that I absolutely abhor it is “I Can’t”. We use it increasingly to avoid any effort to find answers where there are seemingly none. The utterance of it is the single most destructive force against all possibility of growth In The Conscious Universe.

On it’s own the word “not” is not exactly destructive, it merely is useful to indicate a position that is opposite another- a position of fact. But put it, or it’s commonly utilised slightly shorter sibling “n’t”, in the vocabulary of a weak minded person and it negates for them all that is possible in the universe.

Law Of Resonance :: If A Tree Falls In The Forest, Does It Make A Sound?

If you were not there it didn’t happen for you. If you did not experience it then you have no account of it. If you have no account of it, then you rely on the account of others to form a picture in your mind of it. It doesn’t matter what it is, you need to experience it directly to know it. Everything we experience is absolutely personal. We might be in the company of others under particular circumstances and experience a thing together, but we will have slightly different, or even radically different accounts of the event.

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